Six reasons you travel to Europe using a yacht


Are you a lover of adventure, looking out for a new travel destination? It is time for you to charter a yacht with Arthaud Yachting. Nowadays, a vacation on a yacht in Europe is not just for the rich and famous. Arthaud Yachting allows you to cruise on the French Riviera and around Europe.
Besides, the feeling of sailing along the beautiful coastlines of Europe is very elating. That is why nothing is more adventurous than venturing into Europe using a yacht. During the journey, you will encounter diverse cities, cuisines, history, cultures, and languages. As a result, yachting through Europe is inspiring, educational and plain fun. In this guide, we explain six reasons why you should use a yacht to travel to Europe.

Six reasons you should use a yacht for cruising Europe

Europe can boast of its turquoise coast, brilliant water, rocky outcrops, and pretty peninsulas if you are looking for adventure. The following are six reasons why you should hire a yacht to cruise Europe.

1. Cruising with a Yacht is fun.
When cruising Europe with a yacht, it will be hard for you to miss out on the fun. Besides, a yacht helps you meander down a river or an ocean at a leisure pace giving you a chance to enjoy every part of your tour. You can plan your steps with a yacht and read a book as you enjoy the cool sea breeze.

2. Touring Europe will be more than a holiday.
Imagine a hassle-free adventure tour that requires no taxis, no rendezvous point, no need to search for food or check-in or out. When you board a yacht, you get a chance to view Europe attractive coastline as you enjoy the sun as your watch, the wind as your guide and the shoreline as your map. Also, the tour allows you to view yourself as a modern-day Christopher Columbus. All you need is to relax and sip your favourite drink as the crew do all the work.

3. The tour is within your budget.
Although yachting is perceived as a reserve for affluent people, Arthaud Yachting organizes Europe tours for any person with a thirst for a sea adventure. Their charges are favourable, and that is why any person can hit the sea and enjoy a tour to Europe. Furthermore, when you are onboard, your ticket includes food and accommodation. Also, it gives you a chance to eat what you want and where you will want.

4. Discover new favourite cities
Cruising Europe with a yacht gives you a chance to enjoy a stunning coastline. The action allows you to get close and personal with some of Europe lesser-known towns and cities.

5. Best beaches
Those who have travelled Europe with a yacht can attest that the continent has a sparkling coastline with pristine sands. Every day you spend on a yacht has its own experience. That is why you will never get bored when you are on a voyage.

6. Enough space to stretch
Unlike travelling in a country bus where your knees are jammed up, travelling on a yacht allows you to stretch and enjoy the luxurious space. A yacht gives you enough space to star jump or walks around. Also, you can spread out and sleep if you need to relax during your tour.


Europe is one of the destinations liked by many globetrotters. If you charter a yacht with Arthaud Yachting, you are guaranteed to discover new adventures, meet new friends as you sip your best beverages. It also becomes possible to schedule your vacation place by your own rules as you find new places.