Can I book a car rental from San Jose airport ?

San Jose is known as a nice, warm and beautiful city. It has one of the busiest airports in the country, and you can rent vehicles to pick you up from the airport. If you visit the city via plane, you will need a reliable car hire service to carry you from the airport to your hotel. You can choose from a plethora of car rentals online to pick you up.

How to rent a car at the San Jose Airport?

Getting a car hire service at the san jose airport is simple when you know the car hire service to use. It is better to choose a car hire service which is in the airport or close to one to avoid unnecessary delays. This is the case of Jumbo Car.

Also, if you use a car hire from the airport, you have the chance to view Silicon Valley and other attractions around San Jose. The parking space in the airport is safe and secure, which makes renting a car a good choice for tourists and business owners.

Also, don’t forget that booking ahead helps you save some costs, and you will get some discounts for car rentals 24 hours before arrival. When you check their online platform, you can get a good quote online or call them directly.

Documents required to hire a car at San Jose Airport

The first document you will need to show is the hour driver’s permit. This is necessary to ascertain you can handle the car they want to lease to you. Your home country driver’s license is accepted, however, it should be in Roman characters. For those whose language isn’t in roman characters, you will need to show an international driver’s license.

Additionally, showing your passport which has been duly stamped at the immigration office is important. This passport will prove that you entered the country legally without any problems. Photocopies of these documents would not be accepted, so come with your originals.

Lastly, the age on both your passport and driver’s permit should be at least 21 years of age (some rental companies ask for 23). This is the basic age to drive a car in San Jose, so you just be of age, before you can rent a car in San Jose.

Available cars for hire at the San Jose Airport

SUVs are one of the popular car models you can rent at the airport. There are 5–8 seater SUVs available for those who plan for outdoor adventures. This is a great choice if you come with a couple of friends and need to visit attractions like Mount Hermon.

Moreover, you could also rent small, medium-size and full-size cars. You can book the Hyundai, Toyota Yaris or the sedan. These car models can help you navigate through San Jose roads with ease. Also, for those with a big family, there are big Vans, and passenger vans you could choose from. This makes it easier when going to resorts or beaches around the city.

If your route is around unpaved roads or though terrains, then getting a 4×4 will be your best bet. These are great choices because they are sturdy, don’t require much fuel consumption and are reliable.

When considering visiting San Jose through the San Jose airport, you need a reliable car that can take you from the airport to your destination. Using trusted car rentals in the city via online bookings is an excellent way to enjoy your stay and move freely in the city.