The Best Activities to do in Mauritius

Mauritius is an incredible island that is surrounded by the Indian ocean. This island is best known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature, multiple sea and land activities, best for honeymooners, tasty local foods and culture. Moving further, if you plan a trip to Mauritius, find below some excellent activities you can opt for.

Here are the activities you can do in Mauritius

Deep-Sea Diving and Snorkeling

Undeniably, when you reach Mauritius, you imperatively need to opt for deep-sea diving or snorkelling activity. Several companies offer these activities, where you are trained before diving into the water. Moving further, you will be mesmerised by the marine life in Mauritius.

Walk with the Lions

Have you ever thought about giving a try to walk with lions? Indeed, you can do so in Mauritius at the Casela Nature Park. You will be guided by a professional, and afterwards, you will be set to leave on a long walk with lions. Fortunately, the lions in Mauritius are mostly inoffensive, unless you find a way to trouble them.

Parasailing Far from the Seashore

Parasailing is when you go on a parachute ride while you get to enjoy a scenic sea view once you reach the top. You can get this activity at almost all beaches. There will be a boat that will take you to a platform which is found a little bit far from the seashore. Afterwards, professional people will safely equip you with a scenic view and an adventurous experience.

Mountain Climbing and Hiking

If you are a nature lover, then mountain climbing and hiking are highly considerable in Mauritius. Being surrounded by greenery and mountain rangers, these two activities will be full of fun and thrilling. You can easily enjoy yourself by opting for mountain climbing and hiking as a solo activity or guided tour.

Helicopter and Seaplane Tour

Do you wish to enjoy an eye bird and scenic view from the top of Mauritius? In that case, you can opt for a helicopter ride or a seaplane tour. Additionally, you can plan a trip to observe the illusion of the underwater waterfall.